From Frankie…

February 23, 2009

Making this film was a little surreal, not least because of Barry McKinley’s highly original script with its stranger-in-the -night plot and its lyrical, yearning quality, but also in the remoteness and beauty of the location at Eugene Brennan’s pub in rural Kildare, and the fact that it had to be shot almost entirely at night. In early January. We had the privilege of rehearsals with Marc-Ivan at Filmbase before the shoot, a rare thing in film. We also had the surreal experience of getting lost on our way home from the first night’s shooting which undoubtedly helped us immerse ourselves in the project. We enjoyed great hospitality at the location, the best wood-burning stove ever, great food from the caterer and loads of chat and craic. It was great to work with Olga and Ronan and all the team, on a revolutionary new digital format that will no doubt look great though I can’t really get my head around what it is. It’s not video, as Volker kept telling us.

Frankie McCafferty as Charlie Brennan
Frankie McCafferty as Charlie Brennan


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