Audience Feedback To Premiere Screenings

October 6, 2009

I really enjoyed seeing Blood Coloured Moon at Filmbase this evening! 🙂 Well done! It’s a beautiful, funny and romantic film!

Ruthe P. S.

Saw blood coloured moon on fri nite. very good, really enjoyed it … well written, well acted, well lit, well shot…… well done. very funny too.

Ronan O’N.

Film is really cool… Well done. The film is excellent!!! It is really beautifully done, the music at the end is very captivating.

Joe F.

Congrats on the short… quite surreal… also liked the music by the way! … reminiscent of the album “pink moon” for me sparse… emotive on a primal level.

oh and the dialogue was spot on, sharp, crisp, and incredibly funny … nicely paced, almost theatrical in places

… a sense of comedic “irishness” sadly missing today.
Stuck a cold hard knife into my hardy Irish flesh

Michael Paul C.

These are just some of the lovely comments we’ve received. A big thanks to everyone who attended our premiere screenings in Filmbase, Dublin and at the launch of the Visual Centre, Carlow. The consensus was that the latest batch of Filmbase films are the best to date. It’s great to be in such good company.

And by all accounts, The Visual Centre and GB Shaw Theatre kick-off was spectacular with visitors giving the back-handed compliment: ‘This is fantastic, Why is it in Carlow?’

Why not? The Carlow-born makers of the locally-shot Blood Coloured Moon certainly don’t feel urban centres hold the monopoly on creative output.


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