Moon Over Belfast

March 27, 2010

Blood Coloured Moon continues on its tour of the festivals. Up next, the 10th Belfast Film Festival. We’re delighted to be invited up north, once again, and this time it’s to celebrate Titanic Town’s festival reaching double figures.

If you are in the neighbourhood, come to our screening as part of the Irish Short Programme at the Queen’s Film Theatre, 20 University Square, on Saturday 24 April at 3.30pm.

We think you’ll like what you see. Certainly, the film continues to get excellent reviews. Here’s some comments from industry insiders:

Great- short- creates its own world- with a past and future. Great. I thought the actors were great too- the girl’s face has so much character.”

Eoin Colfer, Novelist

I really liked the short. It was original, interesting, atmospheric, well performed, well written, surprising and looked great. The music was great too. Well done

Paul Donovan, Grand Pictures