Into the West

July 7, 2010

And so we go west. Another official selection for Blood Coloured Moon and this time it is Ireland’s most vibrant film festival, the Galway Film Fleadh (‘Fleadh’ pronounced Flah)

In the ‘height’ of the Irish Summer and leading into the world renowned Galway Arts Festival, the event is a perennial favorite with industry types, as well as,  fun loving punters.

Director Marc-Ivan O’Gorman will be in attendance and  is no stranger to the Fleadh, having previously screened his award-winning shortsTrick or Treat, Infected City and How Ganesh Got an Elephant’s Head there.

So join him, along with writer, Barry McKinley and producer, Gordon Murphy at the NEW IRISH SHORTS: DRAMA PROGRAMME, Galway Town Hall, Friday 9th July starting 10 am. Be there, or in the words of Oliver Cromwell, go to Hell.


One Response to “Into the West”

  1. Yo M-I, really enjoyed Blood Coloured Moon on Friday. Really nice mood piece, and the lead guy was excellent. Good work lad!

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