Hello and welcome to the Blood Coloured Moon site.

Blood Coloured Moon is a charming and poignant short film starring Ronan Leahy, Olga Wehrly and Frankie McCafferty. It’s written by established playwright Barry McKinley, directed by award-winning filmmaker Marc-Ivan O’Gorman and produced by Gordon Murphy.

It is a bittersweet tale of a stranger who arrives at an isolated pub in the heart of the Irish countryside Good Friday night, 1967. After unsuccessfully attempting to get a drink from the husband and wife owners, the stranger proceeds to recite a poem in a bid to woo the owner’s wife. While the enraged publican loads his shotgun the stranger passionately delivers his words of love and desire.

The film is funded by Filmbase and RTE: the National Broadcaster of Ireland. Ri and Cleverality Productions produce the film. For more details please see: http://www.ri-productions or http://www.cleverality.com.

This production could not be completed without financial support from Unum, and Fairgreen Shopping Centre, Carlow. I would like to especially thank Brendan Maher and  Eddie Cull for their involvement in the film.

Ronan Leahy in rehearsal

Ronan Leahy in rehearsal


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