To celebrate Blood Coloured Moon’s inclusion in the first Irish Film Festival of India in New Delhi (16 – 21 Feb) and Mumbai (23 – 26 Feb) this year, a stunning poster has been created by Aiden Grenelle, Creative Director of Ireland’s leading design agency, Image Now.  The minimalist poster references the seminal work of Josef Müller-Brockmann and the so-called ‘Swiss Style’ school of design. This is the latest in a number of eye-catching poster designs Aiden has created for Cleverality productions over the years.

Blood Coloured Moon receives the honour of opening festival, in both New Delhi and Mumbai, as a precursor to John Huston’s legendary adaptation of James Joyce’s short story, The Dead. Both films take place on Catholic holy days (Good Friday and The Feast of the Assumption, respectively) and they both deal with a married couple and a potential usurper.

The film was funded by Filmbase/RTE, UNUM and Fairgreen Shopping Centre.

The festival itself runs for 6 days in the Indian capital, and 4 days in the country’s movie capital, high-lighting Irish film, literature and drama and features films by Neil Jordan, Pat O’Connor, and Atom Egoyan. For more details please visit the festival’s website here.